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Types of Scanners
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This article will briefly discuss the 6 types of scanners manufactured for business use.

There are literally hundreds of scanners on the market to capture barcodes. Some of them capture 1D barcodes only, some 2D, the scanners that capture both are best. If you don't know what a barcode is read this article " Barcodes ".

Premier Markings sells only the best barcode equipment at the lowest prices. We have a large inventory of scanners available and shipped the next day.

Premier Markings is an Authorized Dealer of Scan Source and Motorola technogies. We can provide everything you need for barcoding at the lowest prices.

Fixed Scanners
fixed scanner

These refer to counter mount or countertop scanners. They are not moveable and are usually seen in grocery stores and some retail outlets.
You have to provide ample space underneath your checkout counter and the countertop must be custom cut to accomodate the scanner.

Countertop scanners sit on top of the counter and are better suited for smaller and lighter items. Most conter scanners can be picked up and moved to allow better positioning to read the barcode.

Handheld Scanners
handheld scanners

Handheld scanners are convienent as they are portable and can meet any angle to scan a barcode. They come in many styles and the best ones scan 1D and 2D barcodes.

The best ones to buy are the cordless type and the rugged variety as they tend to fall or get dropped frequently.

Ask us which is the best type for your business, we carry a large stock of handheld scanners at the lowest prices.

Image Scanners
image scanners

Image scanners can scan 1D and 2D barcodes and also take digital pictures of signatures or products.

It is not possible for a wand or laser scanner to read a matrix code. Enter the imager. These devices can not only read matrix codes, but also 1D and other 2D Symbologies.

Imagers can be used in the creation of ID cards that require a picture of the person also.

Scale Scanners
scale scanner

A scale scanner is exactly what it sounds like. It's ideal for grocery stores or hardware outlets that sell things by the weight such as nails or screws.

Attach a thermal printer to the scale and you can have a barcode print out of the cost by weight and its ready for checkout.

Some scanner scales come with printers built in and take direct thermal labels.

Barcode Verifiers
barcode verifier

A barcode verifier validates a barcode to the right standards of the U.C.C (Uniform Code Council) and AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturers).

These are a must if you are shipping across borders or a National chain of retailers.

A barcode that is not recognized is a product that is lost or undeliverable. These are expensive but necessary in today's markets.

Barcode Wands
pen wand

Barcode wands are targeted to low volume and cost effective solutions.


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