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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does my label require lamination?

When the label is exposed to frequent scuffing and rubbing, lamination is recommended. As well lamination will prolong the life of a paper label exposed to moister.

2. What is copy position?

Copy position is the orientation of the way the labels comes off of the roll. In hand applied application this is not important. But for auto applied and thermal printed labels this is very important. This will determine how the label will be applied to the product and if the label will fit through your thermal printing machine.

3. What is the difference between thermal transfer and thermal direct labels?

Thermal transfer labels will require a thermal ribbon to be printed were thermal direct is heat sensitive and does not require a ribbon. Thermal direct labels are great for deli labels and scale labels and any short term application that is not exposed to heat. For longer term label applications and if your shrink wrapping uses a thermal transfer label.

4. Which is cheaper thermal transfer or thermal direct?

The cost works out to be the same either way. Once you factor in the cost of the thermal ribbon for the thermal transfer labels it all evens out. For the thermal direct it is nice not to have to change the ribbon and makes set up that much easier. It all depends on what the label is exposed to on determining which is best for you.

5. Is there a minimal order quantity?

For screen printed product it may make sense to order 50 to 100 labels. But for flexographic and digital labels anything under 1000 will cost about the same. In smaller runs the cost is all in the set up and material is a small part of the cost.

6. Do you sell parts for thermal printer machines?

Yes we sell parts for all the popularly used thermal printers. We can install and repair or just provide the part for you to repair. We highly recommend having a qualified person for printer head replacements. They are costly and there is no warranty for damage due to faulty installation.

7. What are fan folded labels?

Fan folded labels are perforated labels and normally folded every 12”. They can be blank for thermal printing or pre-printed. For pre-printed labels they can be handled and distributed very easily. Popular for thermal printing without a label wind up, they feed through the back of the printer and fanfold right back in to a carton without a mess on the shop floor.

8. When should we be using All-temp or Freezer adhesive?

If your labels are being applied to products at about room temperature then put in to a freezer, All-temp should be fine. If you are applying labels to frozen products then a Freezer adhesive is highly recommended. Call us and we will provide samples at no charge for testing to insure we are using the correct adhesive for your application.

9. What is a butt cut label?

Butt cut labels are labels with square corners and do not bleed off the sides. They are fine for hand applied labels that consist on positive printing.

10. What are your terms and conditions?

A quotation not accepted within thirty (30) days is subject to review. All prices are based on material costs at the time of quotation.

Orders regularly placed, verbal or written, cannot be cancelled except upon terms that will compensate the printer against loss incurred in reliance of that order.
Experimental Work: Experiments or preliminary work performed at the Customer's request will be charged for at current rates and may not be used until the printer has been reimbursed in full for the amount of the charges billed.

Creative Work:
Creative work, such as sketches, copy, dummies and all preparatory work developed and furnished by the printer, shall remain his exclusive property and no use of same shall be made, nor any ideas obtained therefore be used, except upon compensation to be determined by the printer, and not expressly identified and included in the selling price.

Condition of Copy:
Upon receipt of original copy or manuscript, should it be evident that the condition of the copy differs from that which had been originally described and consequently quoted, the original quotation shall be rendered void and a new quotation issued.

Press Proofs:
Unless specifically provided in printer's quotation, press proofs will be charged for at current rates. An inspection sheet of any form can be submitted for Customer approval, at no charge, provided Customer is available at the press during the time of make-ready. Lost press time due to Customer delay, or Customer changes and corrections, will be charged at current rates.

Over Runs and Under Runs:
Over runs or under runs not to exceed 10% on quantities ordered, or the percentage agreed upon, shall constitute acceptable delivery. Printer will bill for actual quantity delivered within this tolerance. If Customer requires guaranteed exact quantities, the percentage tolerance must be doubled.

Customer's Property:
The printer will maintain fire, extended coverage, vandalism, malicious mischief, and sprinkler leakage insurance on all property belonging to the Customer, while such property is in the printer's possession; printer's liability for such property shall not exceed the amount recoverable from such insurance. Customer's property of extraordinary value shall be insured through mutual agreement.

Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for F.O.B. printer's platform. Proposals are based on continuous and uninterrupted delivery of complete order, unless specifications distinctly state otherwise. Special priority pickup or delivery service will be provided at current rates upon Customer's request.

Production Schedules:
Production schedules will be established and adhered to by Customer and printer, provided that neither shall incur any liability or penalty for delays due to fire, labor trouble, strikes, accidents, energy failure, equipment breakdown, delays of supply or carriers, action of Government or civil authority and acts of God or other causes beyond the control of Customer or printer.
Where production schedules are not adhered to by the Customer, final delivery date(s) will be subject to renegotiation.

Payment shall be whatever was set forth in the quotation or invoice unless otherwise provided in writing. Claims for defects, damages or shortages must be made by the Customer in writing within a period of fifteen (15) days after delivery of all or any part of the order. Failure to make such claim within the stated period shall constitute irrevocable acceptance and as admission that they fully comply with terms, conditions, and specifications.

Printer's liability shall be limited to stated selling price of any defective goods, and shall in no event include special or consequential damages, including profits (or profits lost). As security for payment of any sum due or to become due under terms of agreement, printer shall have the right, if necessary, to retain possession of and shall have a lien on all Customer property in printer's possession including work in process and finished work. The extension of credit or the acceptance of notes, trade acceptance or guarantee of payment shall not affect such security interest and lien.

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