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Barcode Label Scanners
Premier Markings has your barcode scanner needs covered. We sell the best equipment at the lowest prices so you don't need to worry.

Fixed position, handheld scanners, image scanners, scanner-scales, wands and barcode verifiers. We have them all to fit your production needs and your budget.
Not sure what to get? Read this article " Types of barcode scanners " it may help you decide which type you need to have.

Barcode scanners are a necessity these days for tracking and control of your business. Premier Markings can help you stay in control with our quality products and expert team experience.

If you have any questions on Label Scanners, give us a call !
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Fixed Position

Counter mount or countertop scanners provide easy barcode recognition by swiping the product across the scanner much like you see in grocery stores and retail outlets.

On counter scanners give you the same control if you dont have the option of space underneath your booth or cabinet station.

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Handheld Scanners

Handheld scanners are a must at retail POS counters even if you have a counter mount. Large items that need to be scanned are easy enough to get to with a handheld device.

They come with cords or cordless and are rugged and able to read poorly printed barcodes at a distance.

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Image Scanners

Image scanners have the ability to read barcodes and take digital photos of the product all at once.

These are great for products that are unique or need multiple data requirements.
They can read all types of barcodes 1D, 2D and stacked linear.

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Scale Scanners

Scanners scales are excellent in retail environments that require weight specific pricing and tracking.

Most models come with a pole readout and offer 5 sided scanning for complete accuracy.

Premier Markings has the models you need.

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Barcode Label Verifiers

Barcode verifiers are important when your product is shipped to national retailers or over borders.

ANSI-CEN-ISO barcode guidelines are strict and a barcode that doesn't read right wont be accepted.

Verifiers test your barcodes and ensure they meet today's standards.

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Barcode Pen Wands

Wands are handy little barcode readers that are great for small useage or low quantity scanning.

If you need to read barcodes in low quantities and are tight for space then these pen wands are ideal for you.

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