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Teklynx Codesoft Software
CODESOFT offers the most powerful solution for data connectivity, security and interoperability for enterprise-wide label printing. CODESOFT is the best choice for advanced label design today, and allows your company to grow into more sophisticated and automated applications in the future. Whether you need a simple front-end or complex printing integration, CODESOFT is the best choice. Utilize its WYSIWYG interface for front-end label design when printing on other operating systems.

If you need to print labels in foreign countries, CODESOFT allows you to connect the label to any UNICODE data including text files, databases, etc. to print labels. CODESOFT is available and supported in 24 languages.

Pro is for users printing text, images, and bar codes on one to three printers.
Enterprise is for users printing from databases and existing systems.
Network is for users who want to manage licenses from a server.

Quick Specs
Features in CODESOFT :

Completely redesigned – you can now create labels in half the time!
Wizards for database connections, table lookup, formulas, bar codes, images, documents, templates, and more
Create database connections in just 2 simple steps
Modify existing labels using the wizards
View labels and data in the same screen
Dynamic view of label changes
Simplified database queries
GS1 Databar and HIBC bar code wizards
Create simple or complex database queries (SQL) in a graphic editor

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Toll Free : 1-877-817-8999
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