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Premier Markings has printed many labels in our history and we produce beautiful labels on a daily basis.

Whether it's food labels, company labels or whatever label that needs to be created, we have excelled in making our customers happy with our work.

Below are some of the labels and packaging we have done in the past. Look to see if we printed a label that matches your product or perhaps an example of what you want yours to look like.

Keep in mind, if you don't see your product listed here, it doesn't mean we can't do it. Labels are defined by material stock, adhesive and application. What's printed on them is secondary to the actual physical characteristics.

Have a look around and then give us a call. 905-795-2900

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Double Sided Decal Labels

Double sided labels are also known as window labels or window decals and are printed on both sides with an adhesive on one surface that sticks to glass.

You can have the same image on both sides or mix it up a bit and have different graphics on either side. Whichever you choose it is a great way to get your brand and message right to your customer as they walk through the door.

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Custom Material Labels

Certain materials have different characteristics and some are more suited for different applications than others. The type of application for your label best determines what substrate you should have.

The look of your label can be enhanced with certain materials to give it a shiny look or even a matte metal look.

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Supplement Labels

This is where Premier Markings supplement labels can help sell your products. Supplement labels have to be eye popping top quality products. We take all label printing seriously but when it coming to supplement labels they tend to be a step above all other labelling demands.

More Supplement Labels...

Proof of Purchase Labels

For pennies, proof of purchase labels can service as two valuable tools, making sure the product is paid for and that customers are walking out of the store with your company logo on it. As a matter a fact I am sure that in most cases the label won't be removed for the life of the product, so that means your company logo will last much longer than being pulled from a bag and put on the shelf.

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