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Bottle Labels

There are as many types of labels for bottled products as there are bottle shapes. Premier Markings Inc. has experience printing for food products, beauty products, the wine industry and more.

Bottle labels can be made from glass, metal or plastic and require a waterproof label with a strong adhesive so they stick even when wet or washed with soap.

We can print your bottle labels or any type of labels on a repositionable adhesive that is only repositionable for short period of time. That way, if you’re applying your labels automatically or manually, it can be removable and reapplied without ruining the label and having to clean the bottle.

There are lots of design considerations when making your bottle label. It can be made with a clear material if you want your beverage to show through the glass or plastic. It can also be made with a polymer label to shape the bottle.

Cosmetic Beauty Labels

The cosmetic industry is a thriving platform that is always producing new brands or products to the market.

Lip gloss, lotions, make up kits, eye liners, blushes, etc. are always changing colors or styles and developing a brand name is as important to your success as the product itself.

Lip balms or chap sticks are a huge market for new companies and they are buying the unmarked product and putting their own label on them to sell.

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Water Bottles

There is a lot of water bottles out in the market today, so much so that the water bottles are filling up our landfill sites.

Water bottles are now made with very thin plastic and hard to apply a label by hand or machine.

Personalized water bottle labels are a great promotional tool that really works.

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Bottle labels are no different from any other type of label but require attention when applying the label to the bottle. If the label is inappropriately applied wrong here's what to do:

  • Peel away as much of the labels as possible and remove lid from the bottle.
  • Fill the bottle about ¾ of the way with water, and use warm air from a blow dryer to heat the adhesive. The water will help the bottle keep its shape.
  • Using your finger nail, scrape off as much adhesive as possible then submerge the bottle in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Let dry and then moisten your finger with vegetable oil and massage it into the remaining adhesive.
  • Wash with mild dish detergent and warm water and let dry.
Beer Bottle Labels

A lot of home breweries or custom breweries are abundant everywhere.

These micro breweries produce some very great beer and deserve attention so give them a great looking label!

We can help you make your own beer labels for your beer bottles in all colors and sizes, with a finish you like best!

Call us and ask for details and get the greatest looking labels on your great tasting beer!

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Wine Bottle Labels

Having a striking wine label will help sell your wine and lately new wines have been breaking tradition and designing labels that are contemporary with bright colours and images.

A wine label should always have the location of origin and the date on it, along with the type of grape used.

The United States requires alcoholic beverages to include a warning regarding the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.

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Bottle labels are also seen in many other categories such as:

Security Tamper Proof Labels For Bottles

Bottles require security seals, whether it be a locking cap or a tamper-proof label.

Having a security seal tamper-proof label is a good way to go since it gives you an opprotunity to advertise even more!

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Olive Oil Bottle Labels

Olive oil is a great market to get into because everyone uses it for cooking or some kind of recipe.

Imported from other countries and bottled locally is how it is usually manufactured to ensure governmental and lawful regulations.

Your label should stand out amongst the others on the shelf and be attractive and bold.

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