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Custom Die Labels
Premier Markings takes great pride in our ability to create custom die cut labels to pin point accuracy. Making your custom die cut labels, when you are supplied a CAD file or some kind of art from the manufacturer, will make applying the label very easy.

However, that is not always possible. On more than one occasion we have had requests to create custom die cut labels from scratch. That means having nothing more than what the label is being applied to.

This involves an artist and a few measuring instruments, time and patience. We will take the time to insure that our custom die cut labels fit like a glove. When fitted properly the label looks like part of the unit and if you can’t tell it is a label, then that's a compliment to us.

You might think that having a special shape to your label is not worth the extra money to buy a die, but it is. People notice a label when it's not the ordinary rectangular or square shape. If it's a special shape, people tend to give the product extra value over others. They do notice and it increases the value of your product.

Premier Markings uses magnetic die cylinders giving us the ability to use flat dies to make custom die cut labels. This leads to big savings.

Rotary dies can be up to 3 times the cost. We have taken away the fear of big money die investments. Your custom die cut labels are now reasonably priced and your label, special.

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What is a die?

A die is a tool that cuts out the custom shape of your label. It is applied to the printing press and stamps the cutout label shape as it's being printed. You have to buy the die at the initial stage but it can be used again whenever you need it.

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