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Food Labels

Food Labels come in many different shapes, sizes and applications. Frozen foods, supplement, nutritional, printed boxes to plastic and glass containers. We have done them all.

You must be licensed from the government to label food, and we are.

Freezer Labels
There are a few things to consider when requesting freezer adhesive labels.

  • Will the product be frozen at the time the freezer label is applied ?
  • The minimum and maximum temperature range.
  • Is the product going to be in a freezer or just a cooler ?

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Nutritional Labels

Nutrition labels are mandatory on all pre-packaged foods and must be clearly visible and easy to read.

There are required font and label sizes to make them consisted and easy to read. All the information on food labels must be true and not misleading and must follow government guidelines and food regulations.

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Frozen Food Labels

A regular all temperature adhesive will not do the job. Regular adhesive will eventually fall off and make your product unrecognizable.

An ideal application is applying labels at room temperature on a flat surface and letting it adhere over night.

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Box Packaging

Does your food product come in a box?

Printed box packaging is done relatively the same as printed sleeves, where the cardboard is printed using flexographic presses and die cut to fit the shape and quantity of your product.

A strip of glue is applied to the inside edge and sealed to enclose the cardboard. It is then shipped flat to your production facility and ready for production.

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Fish Labels

Sometimes fish is canned other times the fish is packaged on a sealed styrofoam tray.

Fish labels are made with freezer adhesive and given a UV coating to provide protection and a nice glossy look to your label.

Fish labels come in various sizes and colours and can be made exactly the way you want them.

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Supplement Labels

With an ever aging population in North America and the promotion of healthy fifestyles, supplements are being consumed like never before and with large demands there will be a number of competitors selling their supplement products.

This is where Premier Markings supplement labels can help sell your products. Supplement labels have to be eye popping top quality products.

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Sauce Labels

There are lots of B.B.Q. sauces, ice cream sauces and pasta sauces on the market these days.

You need a label that stands out from the crowd.

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Ice Cream Labels

Producers of ice cream always offer different flavors to please everyone's taste.

Printing labels with your flavor variations is less expensive than printing containers!

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Seafood Labels

Whether your seafood is packaged fresh or frozen, you need a label that will stick for your conditions.

We manufacture great labels with special adhesive that is guaranteed to stick when frozen and still look great when thawed out!

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Yogurt Labels

Yogurt is becoming very popular these days due to its nutritional benifits and great taste.

They are usually sold in plastic printed containers but some are sold with blanks containers and labels put on them and their lids, which is less expensive and suitted for lower quantities.

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