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Freezer Labels

We do alot of freezer food labels. Sometimes it's a full company product label, sometimes it's just a nutritional table with barcode. But our labels always stick and look good no matter the conditions.

In some cases when a label is just going in a cooler and not applied to a frozen product, a cold temp adhesive label is just right. When a label is applied at room temperature or a little below or above and is not being deep frozen, we will use a cold temp adhesive label. This is a way we can show you a little savings.

Freezer adhesive

We would never recommend to use a cold temp adhesive label in a freezer adhesive application like we have seen other label suppliers do, just look at some of the labels in the freezer section next time. Look for the wrinkles they have used the wrong adhesive.

It is not just Barcode labels that are going in the freezer. At Premier Marking we can construct your freezer adhesive labels anyway you would like. We can provide multi color and odd shapes and sizes and there are different materials to choose from.

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