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Industrial Labels
Premier Marking's industrial labels are designed for a wide variety of applications. They withstand high and low temperatures, chemical exposure, harsh environments and other extreme conditions.

See our stock list of available labels that involve shipping, material handling and other various industrial duties.

industrial labels stock

We can provide pre-printed using screen printing, Flexo graphic with automotive grade inks as well as durable laminations and polyesters.

We also print rack labels for your warehouse and tracking systems. Call us for all your label needs and get it made right and quick.

Aluminum Foil Labels
Aluminum foil labels are great for maintenance and service labels, asset labels, calibration labels and many other label applications.

Aluminum foil labels have excellent abrasion resistance and wide temperature range, that means indoor and outdoor applications are not a problem.

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Compliance Identification Labels
Premier Markings provides custom solutions for your safety requirements or compliance identification labels.

Why spend more then you need on a system developed for someone else's application? Save time and money by printing your own lockout tags or compliance identification signs and labels.

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Instruction Labels

Instructional labels help provide your customer with safety and/or directions on how to use your product.

Depending upon the product, it is good practise to provide these labels so there is no harm done to your customer and complicate matters with civil lawsuits or insurance claims.

You can benifit using these labels with applying your logo, website and other information to act as a company label also.

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Dangerous Goods Labels
Dangerous goods labels are a stock item at Premier Markings.
4"x 4" printed on glossy white label stock in rolls of 500.

We don't stop there as we also stock a wide range of dangerous goods labels types, Commodity name dangerous goods UN# labels 4"x 5".

Hazardous materials labels are also 4"x 4" on rolls of 500.

Hazardous waste labels are made with a laser printable, vinyl, weather resistant material available in rolls or singles.

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Polyester Asset Labels

Need a fast and reasonable property identification asset label? Premier Markings makes identifying and tracking office furniture, equipment, computers, and tools simple and easy.

For long term tracking we use a premium durable polyester matte silver or gloss white. We make ordering easy. Our standard size is a 2"x 1".

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Polyester Labels

In today's manufacturing world we are challenged time and time again to produce a long lasting durable product at a low cost.

This product is UL Recognized and CSA Accepted for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Horticultural Identification Labels

Regardless of what area of the horticultural industry you specialize in, we have the products to help you identify your plants.

Whether it be pot tags or plant stakes, we can print them with barcodes to make identification easier with better tracking management for you and your inventory.

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We have many Industrial Labels to offer that can't possibly fit on a single web page. If you don't see what you're after here, please contact us.

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Electronic Labels
Electronic labels come in many forms. They can be used to visibly identify parts for inspection or assembly and must be UL and CSA approved for use.

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Chemical Labels

Labels for chemical products are a must for they warn people of the dangers of exposure or contact with the use of the product.

They don't have to be fancy or extravagant but they do have to be informative and very descriptive about health and safety concerns along with being durable and chemical resistant..

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Tyvek Tags and Labels

Tyvek tags and labels are great for outdoor applications that need to endure extreme weather conditions and last a long time.

Tyvek tags can be hole punch or adhesive applied to the back to make it an adhesive label. It can be printed with an array of colors and will last through sun, snow and rain. Tyvek may cost a little more but when durability is needed, it's a winner.

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