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Premier Markings is a leading custom label supplier for Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario and North America.

Whatever type of label your in need of ; promotional labels, decal labels, food labels, bottle labels, industrial labels, thermal labels, product labels and for whatever business you are in; industrial, retail, medical or educational, we make it perfect for you at a lowest price possible.

We do all jobs ranging from 500 labels to 1 million and ship anywhere in North America. If contact can't be made in person, projects can be conducted via email and phone and your labels completed in record time.

If you want the quickest quote without the hassle try our Online Quote!

If you're printing your own labels like thermal labels, barcode labels, or industrial labels in small quantities, then we have all laser sheet sets and blank labels in numerous shapes, sizes and colours.

Custom Labels
Premier Markings can produce your custom labels and stickers in more than one way.

We offer custom die-cut labels for labels that want to stand out from the crowd and get extra attention.

We have virtually every custom material from shiny foils to polyesters.

Custom colours and matching are never a problem!

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Digital Labels

Digital label printing enables us to provide fantastic quality labels with small quantities and no press plate costs.

If your label requires multiple colors and you're starting out with low quantities or have many variations of the same label, then digital printing can save you money and still have a great looking label.

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Food Labels
Food Labels come in many different shapes, sizes and applications. Depending on the product packaging, it also needs to be well informative.

Frozen food labels, supplement labels, nutritional facts labels and a whole lot more, need to be attractive and contain certain information about your product in accordance to federal and municipal laws.

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Decal Labels

When it's weather proof labels you need, we have the right solution.

Double-sided, vinyl labels or static cling labels for all types of applications and environments are made right at Premier Markings.

Strong and durable, decal labels are made to last and are a great value to your promotional campaigns.

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Product Labels

Premier Markings has manufactured a very wide range of product labels over the years. From art creation to printed product, we have been challenged and our customers always happy.

From coffee labels to sock labels to honey labels, tag labels, cosmetic labels, there isn't a label we won't do!

All labels are made differently with process, stock or adhesive but all turn out great and a great value for your money.

Check out our pages of product labels and see if we've done something similiar to what you are looking for.

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Bottle Labels

Premier Markings manufacturers many bottle and container labels in various shapes, sizes and materials.

Whether you have beauty, beverage or food products, we can supply you with the right kind of label to ensure they last forever and look great!

Whatever your bottled product, we have the right label for you!

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Industrial Labels

Premier Markings Inc. products are designed for a wide variety of applications.

We have fragile labels, shipping labels, dangerous goods, warning labels or Made in Canada labels.

We carry aluminum foil, made for electronics labels, horticultural labels and much more!

Whether your label is a company label or maybe an Instructional label that ships on your product, we can supply you with the best material and inks to make sure it lasts through any environment or conditions.

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Promotional Labels

Whether it's an event, item sale, coupon or holiday label, it attracts people to your product and is a great way to promote your campaign.

Coupon labels attract attention easily with bright colors and bold text. If you couple it with a contest or giveaway, it can add to your sales as people find it hard to resist.

Sale labels or stickers are great to steer people to your products whether they are on a rack or shelf.

Event labels can act as company labels also to promote your company.

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Removable Labels

Removable labels are designed for smooth surfaces such as metal, glass and plastics but are not limited for those surfaces.

They are great for time limited sales promotions or events. Some use removable labels as assembly instruction labels to be removed after a sale.

Numbered Labels

Using consecutive numbering labels is a fantastic way to track assets and inventory.

Include a pesonal barcode to the label and it can be easily scanned and recorded to your database for tracking and recognition.

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Barcode Labels

If you are looking for barcode labels or blank labels (as they are commonly known) then please try our thermal label printing section. We sell all types of shipping
and inventory labels at great low prices.

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