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Honey Labels

Honey labels can be applied to either squeezable bottles or glass jars.

When it's applied to a squeezable bottle we use what's called BOPP (biaxally oriented polypropolyene). This material can be squeezed or pinch and will not tear, rip or loosen from the bottle.

On a glass jar, we could either use a bopp but most cases we use a normal paper label that's low in cost and efficent. With a nice laminate or UV coating, the label will have a nice shiny look and hold up against being handled with sticky fingers!

If you are packaging your honey in a jar then you should consider a security seal-tamper proof label. This can go across your jar lid and then strips of the label with run down the sides, providing a visual element to see if it was tampered with. This is also called a tamper proof label.

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