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Popcorn Labels

Popcorn is present through out fairs and festivals. Wo doesn't like popcorn?

Packaging popcorn can be done with paper or plastic bags but what about if you have different sizes to sell, does that mean you need to print different bags? That could be costly.

Popcorn labels are the solution. Your label can be applied to any size easily and you don't have to pay for different sizes of your product packaging. A one size fits all method works perfectly.

If you sell other products besides your popcorn, you can apply the label to that too.

We can print your label in semi gloss paper or high gloss to give it that shiny coating that deserves attention and make your popcorn irresistable when people see it. One color or several will make your label noticed.

Call us for your popcorn labels, we'll make them pop!

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Toll Free : 1-877-817-8999
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