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Prime Labels

Premier Markings is a supplier of high quality prime labels. Prime labels are normally multicoloured labels with high end graphics that pack a WOW on the shelf of your local retail store.

There are many options when it comes to making your prime labels at Premier Markings. Some labels need to be removed from the product cleanly after purchased. Premier Markings provides ultra removable adhesive. Ultra removable adhesive is ideal for clean removal from glass and other smooth surfaces.
We also provide a medium peel which can be removed from your corrugated cartons without falling off.

Prime labels are often supplied with freezer adhesive. Freezer adhesive prevents the label from falling off in the cold temperatures. Adhesive in one element of your prime labels. There are also face stocks to consider, paper, poly, clear or metallic’s.

Worth the extra penny!
It's worth paying for extra colors. It can expand your design and look, and gives your customer a sense of worth when they see your label against others. By paying a little more, you put your product on another level from your competition. 4 color labels just look better.
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