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Product Labels
Premier Markings knows how to do your product labels.

We have a large inventory of stock, paper, inks and adhesives to create the exact product label you need.

Every product is different and requires it's own characteristics, especially due to it's packaging. However you decide to package your product, you will need to identify it with your company branding and the product information.

We just dont print labels! We print pouches, magnets, tags and so much more!

If you don't see your type of product listed here, then look throughout our website. We're sure you find something similiar or exactly the type you want.

Contact us when you want the best possible label at the very best price!

For easier navigation, here is a list for some of the products we have done labels for. Although we don't have enough time or space to write them all down, we do update it when time permits. Try our Google Search Box if you dont see your label listed here.

Pet Food Labels
Pet Food is a ever changing market with a new emphasis on health and diet for animals of all types.

Your brand must stand out from the rest but still be cost effective to produce your pet food at a profitable level.

Let Premier Markings give you that special label to put on your bags or containers at a great price for you.

Different flavors and different animals mean alot of labels but its easy to do inexpensively with digital printing.

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Tag Labels

Tags are great for products that are either large, bulky, hard to package or for industry to identify or label.

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Prime Labels

Premier Markings is a supplier of high quality prime labels. Prime labels are normally multi-coloured labels with high end graphics that pack a WOW on the shelf of your local retail store.

There are many options when it comes to making your prime labels at Premier Markings. Some labels need to be removed from the product cleanly after purchased.

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Packaging Labels

There are many different types of packaging as there are many different products.

Your product needs to be packaged at the most attractive yet cost effective method. There is box packaging, sleeve packaging, bottle packaging just to name a few.

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Coffee Labels

Our nations coffee consumption has definitely grown in recent years. Coffee shops are more frequently filled with people young and old, socializing or banging away on laptops. What they all have in common is they are consuming high end coffee.

Let's face it, we like the quick drive through in the morning on the fly, however when we're looking to relax and enjoy some socializing we want a full flavour rich coffee.

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Sauce Labels
Sauce labels are packaged in a bottle and sometimes in a can. There are many companies getting involved in BBQ sauces or meat preparation ingredients.

You need to brand your product with a nice label and offer many different variations of your sauces. A different coloured label for every different flavor of your sauce.

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Fish Labels

There are lots of fish companies out there, packaging some great tasty fish. Sometimes, fish is canned and it needs to have a label much like a bottle label.

The cans need to be measured percisely for the label to fit without gaps or overlay.

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Sock Labels
Premier Markings has done a lot of sock labels in our past.

Sock label bands are the labels you see when socks are sold in bunches and the labels provide simple but effective packaging.

Sock labels are made from a special adhesive that uses its own name as it's type; sock band adhesive.

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Honey Labels

Sweet honey labels for sweet honey !

Tasty and nutritious honey is a great alternative to sugar and people love it.

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