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Soap Labels
Soaps come in many fragrances and styles and everyone needs soap in their lives so that makes them very popular! They come in many fragrances and styles, each offer somethng unique to the market. Health soaps, free of allergens and toxic chemicals, are the latest additions to the public.

Soap labels can be tricky to package if your soap doesn't come in a box or in a pack. Celafain plastics is sometimes used to wrap up the soap so people can see the attractive color and smell the fragrance when deciding to purchase.

It is best to apply the label to the celafain plastic first on a flat surface, then wrap the celafain with the label centered on the soap, then with heat, melt the edges to close it all up.

Soap labels can be made in a multitude of colors and shapes and are made with waterproof adhesive to ensure moisture from the soap and new bars of soap ( when placed unopen in bathrooms where they can get wet ) doesn't take off the label.

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